Foggia: the gem of Capitanata

Foggia: the gem of Capitanata

Not everyone is aware of the immensity of the territorial reachness that Apulia is able to offer. The city of Foggia is part of this wealth: the capital of Capitanata, which is located in the centre of the “Tavoliere delle Puglie”, the second largest Italian valley, boasts a noteworthy but stormy centennial past which made it one of the most important cultural and artistic Apulian centres. During the 13th century, the city was chosen as a royal dwelling by the emperor Frederik II who was bedazzled by its natural beauty, considering it to be the ideal place for his hunting trips. Despite the earthquake occurred in 1731 and the bombardement suffered in 1943, which deeply damaged the integrity of the city, Foggia has been able to rise from the ashes over the years, regaining its ancient magnificence, which nowdays it is admired for. The city boasts the “Church of the Crosses”, a national monument, and the Sanctuary of “Madonna Incoronata”, a famous sanctuary which every year attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.


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