If you plan to visit Apulia, of course you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the Castle of Monte Sant’Angelo, which is located in the province of Foggia.

Furthermore, from the top of the castle it is possible to admire the gulf of Manfredonia, the Tavoliere delle Puglie and the Murge.

According to some historical studies, before the existence of this castle, there was a military camp.

This castle was built because of the desire of the bishop of Benevento, Orso I. 

It was the residence of castellans, symbol of the city, centre of several warehouses, and even a prison in the underground area: so, we can say that this place completely talks about the past of Apulia.

Indeed, this castle has been the residence of Frederick II for a while. Starting from that point, the castle had reached a huge importance from the defensive point of view in the Gargano, even because of its position.

Nowadays we can only visit the remains of the ancient castle. By the way, it is still possible to visit the Guard Post (located on the right), the riding stables, the houses, the treasure room, and the place where there were the munitions.

On the left side of the building you will find 2 doors: the first one leads you to the outside of the castle, while the second one will lead you in front of a staircase which leads to the top of the castle. Then, you will admire a yard which is 21 meters long and 4 meters wide, a large court and 2 cylindrical towers which enclose the main part of the castle. You will admire the treasure room, characterized by a large, bright window.

From this staircase, which was used during celebrations and banquets, it is possible to reach the castellan’s houses and the curtiers’ rooms.

Another advantage is the small price of the visit of the whole castle, indeed you only have to pay 2 € for each person.


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