The legend of the Zinzulusa cave

The legend of the Zinzulusa cave

Apulia has a very vast and interesting cultural heritage, folklore. It includes legends, traditions, short stories, songs and fairy tales.

What is “Zinzulusa”?

One of the most well-known Apulian legends, invented in order to give an explanation to some scientific events that were inexplicable at the time, is that of Zinzulusa.
It is a natural coastal cave located along the Salento coast.  Inside you can admire limestone formations, stalactites and stalagmites.

The Legend

The tradition has it that the Baron of Castro lived there , he was a very rich but also very evil man.  For this reason and for his great avarice, he killed his wife and neglected his daughter so much as to make her dress with rags, while spending all his money on goods.  As a result, the girl grew sad and loveless, but one day a good fairy appeared to her.  She gave her a beautiful dress, throwing away the rags.  The rags, in Italian dialect “Zinzuli“, flew away with the wind, until they settled on the walls of the cave and petrified.  Hence the name of the cave. 

The Baron instead was made to sink into the waters of the cave by the fairy, thus creating the Cocito lake.  According to legend, the girl married a rich and good prince, changing her future forever.



If this history has intrigued you, below you will find timetables and tickets for the cave.  For more information: call 0836 943812 or email to grottazinzulusa@interfree.it 

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