Pasta is the beating heart of Apulia

Pasta is the beating heart of Apulia

Every pasta shape has a hometown in Italy, the place where it was invented and where its heart still belongs. However, its roots belong to Apulia, a place that is considered to be the home to lots of unique pasta shapes, many of which are still made completely by hand. Some of them, like orecchiette and cavatelli, have gained more widespread popularity across the world, but there are plenty of others to discover.

Many may think that for Italian people, talking about pasta means referring to simple food, any one among many. In fact, it is seen as a moment of reunion, it’s an occasion for families to share happy times.

Pasta is the heart of Apulian culture. Symbol of tradition and attachment to the land, every day our moms and grannies create this magic that makes special the moments around the table.


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